Jon Santry : Acting, Stunts,Fight choreography and Actor Training

Jon Santry

Credits & experience

  • Aliens don’t ring doorbells- Music video for Sitcom Soldiers : Stunts and featured acting role
  • The Beast ( when Eddie met Arnie) Documentary for Rayzor Edge/Jeridoo films : Featured speaking role/ stunts/ fight coordinator
  • The Hyena Kill ” Cauterised” music video for Chalkman video : Lead actor
  • Hellfire Jack ” Take a hold” music video for Chalkman video : Stunts/fight choreography/ featured
  • The Fallen State “American Made” music video for Sitcom Soldiers : Featured role as security guard
  • “Jobs from Hell caught on Camera” channel 4 : I was interviewed for the documentary about my experiences working as a bouncer
  • “In to the Bad land’s” season 3 various episodes : Stunts also featured in non speaking roles as ,” Bowler hat Clipper”, and ,” Blind Cannibal swordsman”
  • Kill 2 This ” Sleeper Cell” music video for Chalkman video : Stunts/fight choreography/ lead actor
  • Yorkshire Rats ” Mary comes first” music video for Chalkman video : Featured/fight choreography
  • Epic problem ” Skin Crawl” music video for Bezmond productions : Stunts/fight choreography/ featured
  • “Penny Dreadful” season 3 episodes 1 and 9 : Stunts.
  • Ira Losco “Dead or Alive” music video for Video Ink : Stunts/fight choreography/ featured
  • Yashin “Dorothy Gale” music video for Sitcom Soldiers : Stunts/ fight choreography
  • BBC “The Village” season 2 episode 1 : Boxing trainer, also played the referee in the boxing scenes. Small amount of dialogue
  • Galaxy Samsung 11 advert, ” Gathering the Team” : Boxing coordinator


In my 34 year career in martial arts I have gained an enourmous ammount of experience in various area’s, which as well as in the fields of legitimate competitive fighting and instructing the general public. I have also been applying in the world of film and television.

I currently hold a 6th Dan (Degree) black belt in Shito-Ryu Karate, a purple belt in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and a brown belt in Hop Kuen Do (Traditional Malayan Kung Fu). I have boxed for over 20 years and also have experience in Catch wrestling, Judo, Thai Boxing, Tai Chi and Chi Gung.

I am competent with traditional Japanese Katana (sword), Bo staff ( long staff) and Han Bun ( short staff) as well as Kali style knife work. I also have basic experience with other weapons such as Tonfa and Nunchacku

As well as performing on screen many times in fight scenes I have also worked off-camera training actors in martial arts and boxing etc for their on-screen roles, and choreographing fight scenes.

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I regularly teach screen fighting techniques in classes both at my own gym and at local acting/stage schools around the Manchester area. I also run work shops with my good friend Ray Nicholas who is a coordinator on the British Stunt Register with over 30 years experience in the industry, and credits in some of the Biggest films of all time.

Between us we bring over 60 years of experience to the table! Our courses are attended by everyone from the general public who attend for an experience, to current members and prospective members of the British Stunt Register who are already industry professionals.

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If anyone is interested in these classes and workshops or wishes to discuss a role please contact me via the contact page, or via my profiles on IMDB or Star Now.

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