Fitness training

Martial Arts training is about much more than simply learning to punch, kick or grapple. The emphasis of martial arts has always been on personal improvement.It goes without saying that the physical techniques of martial arts are very demanding and that anyone who trains even recreationally for any length of time can’t help but improve their level of physical ability.

The training improves muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness, core strength and co-ordination.The classes utilise traditional exercise techniques, alongside sport specific training drills, including bag and pad work to challenge just about every aspect of your physical fitness and energy delivery systems.

The classes tend to focus on high intensity interval training (HIIT) using individual exercise drills, partner work and circuits to deliver.

Please don’t be scared off by the term HIIT! Anyone who attends will be encouraged to work at a level appropriate to them, and to gradually increase their work rate over time.

Training in groups or pairs can be a huge motivational aid. Many people struggle to maintain a traditional exercise/gym routine due to a lack of support or being made to feel self conscious in, “cliquey”, gym environments. At Jon Santry Martial Arts this is not an issue! So if you are interested in improving your fitness and physique in a friendly supportive atmosphere then contact us and book an induction session now.