Competitive Styles

At Jon Santry martial arts we regularly enter students into events, tournaments and fight nights. We train for and compete in; semi contact points karate, light continuous kickboxing, full contact kickboxing, K-1, boxing, Gi and no Gi grappling and Mixed Martial Arts at all levels. Please note that the full contact styles are for those over 16 years old only.

Whilst there is absolutely no expectation for a student to compete, those who do decide to give competition a try at any level will reap the rewards. The ability to apply techniques in a, “live”, situation and the practice of controlling adrenal response will vastly increase an individuals confidence. Such abilities can have a profound effect on all areas of a persons life.

We will ensure that adequate training is given to anyone who wishes to compete, and that proper safety measures are taken during sparring and competition.

Jon Santry martial arts is part of Elite International Martial Arts and Stratagey BJJ.