Children’s Training

Martial Arts training is a valuable experience for children. As well as the benefits of increased physical fitness, co-ordination and body image, training in martial arts can greatly improve a childs confidence and self esteem whilst they engage in a fun, social activity.

At Jon Santry martial arts we put the emphasis on a fun and relaxed atmosphere, often using games and drills to develop the basic skills and athleticism necessary to become an effective martial artist.

We teach a structured programme, and hold regular gradings in freestyle kickboxing (the sylabus also covers basic grappling techniques of controll and escape from the feet and the ground). By engaging in a structured programme of learning in which a system of coloured belts provides a clearly visible, public recognition of improvement, a child can gain confidence in their own abillity to achieve. This of course has much broader implications than just the study of martial arts.

The other beauty of martial arts when it comes to a childs development, is that although it is practiced in groups and therefore gives a child the same opportunities to develop socially as team sports do, it is still an indivdual pursuit in which a child is free to progress at his or her own pace without comparrison to others.

So if you would like your child to be physically fit, and to further develop a sesnse of respect for self and others, whilst increasing their focus and confidence and most importantly having fun, then we can help!